All donations are meant to become support for server. Supporting server is voluntary and it is not requirement to play. Playing is for free. By sending donations you help to keep server alive and improve it. Also, by donating you not BUY any item or perk - perk is an expression of gratitude for helping us. Sending donation is not making you out of rules. You should consider, that by using hacking programs you may get your account deleted together with all perks you've obtained here - this is your account and you take every responsibility for it. Perks lost by in-game bugs or glitches should be reported immediately (max of 2 days after accident) otherwise you may lost chance to help with it. As because I am not machine - I add items 1 or 2 times a week. However final time of finishing "business" can take even 2 weeks. By sending donation you accept those terms. After you have donated and given the info I need please do not constantly ask for your perks. They will not be applied until the donation is received and that can take from 1 day to 1 week.